Amateur radio in Balearic Islands

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The Balearic Islands are a popular tourist destination among Europeans. Almost 15 million foreigners visit them every year (pre-COVID-19 pandemic). Naturally, some of them are radio amateurs.

You may be thinking of visiting us soon and, after searching for information on the Internet, you have found that most of it is outdated.

This web page intends to remedy that problem, gathering useful information for the visitor and the local, as extensive and updated as possible.

If you need more information, find something wrong or want to make a suggestion, just drop us a message.


Operating from EA6

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of Spain located in the western Mediterranean Sea. The archipelago consists of several islands and numerous islets. The largest islands, that are inhabited, are Mallorca (Majorca), Menorca (Minorca), Eivissa (Ibiza) and Formentera.

As they belong to Spain, the Balearic Islands are an insular territory of the European Union. You will find extensive information about the Balearic Islands geography, demographics and history on the Wikipedia.

Amateur radio legislation

Amateur radio use and operation in the Balearic Islands is under de European directives and Spanish regulations. It will be easier for you if you own a HAREC/CEPT license and URE has compiled useful information for you.

Balearic prefixes

Spain (EA) is divided in several districts. The sixth district corresponds to the Balearic Islands, so any generic Spanish prefix followed by the number 6 is applicable to them.

The valid prefixes are:

Prefix Use Comments
EA6, EB6, EC6 For individual authorizations or collective stations. EA6 by default.
ED6, EE6, EF6 For temporary use in low relevance events: contests, experiments, demonstrations... Authorization required. ED6 for unattended automatic stations: repeaters, beacons, gateways…
EG6, EH6 In regional or local events of high relevance. Authorization required.
AM6, AN6 In high relevance national events. Authorization required.
AO6 In high relevance international events. Authorization required.

What prefix to use

EA stations are free to operate without any modification (EA6/, /EA6, /6, /P, /M...). The legal format is /6 but is optional.

Foreign stations can use EA/ or EA6/.


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