Official data show that there are almost 700 radio amateurs with a valid license in the Balearic Islands. Unfortunately most of them are not active. As in most countries, radio amateurs are aging without new young operators joining our hobby.

On the Internet

Below we list some colleagues who have their own Internet presence.

Callsign Name Island Web page/blog YouTube
EA6ADK Miguel Mallorca EA6ADK's web page
EA6AKN Miguel Eivissa EA6AKN's shack
EA6AMM Gaspar Mallorca Gaspar's web page Gaspar's channel
EA6DD Biel Mallorca Biel's web page and EA6DDlog program Biel's channel
EA6FG José Mallorca EA6FG's workshop
EA6LU Ricardo Mallorca Ricardo's channel
EA6OI Xim Mallorca Xim's shack Xim's channel
EA6SB Alberto Menorca Alberto's web page Alberto's channel
EA6T Tano Menorca Tano's web page
EA6UP Miguel Mallorca EA6UP CW
EA6VQ Gabriel Mallorca DXmaps
EA6Y Biel Mallorca Biel's channel
EB6AAO José Mallorca José blog