Repeaters and beacons

Voice repeaters in the Balearic Islands

Keep in mind that repeaters are intended to assist portable and mobile operations. Please use them smartly.

You may download CHIRP CSV file for EA6 FM analog repeaters.


Callsign Location Locator Channel Frequency (MHz) Offset (MHz) Mode Access
ED6YAB1 Randa JM19lm RV60 (R6) 145.750 -0.600 FM 88.5 Hz
ED6YAC Manacor RV52 (R2) 145.650 -0.600 FM No code
ED6YAF (EA6F) Alc├║dia JM19nu RV58 (R5) 145.725 -0.600 FM 88.5 Hz
ED6YAG Felanitx RV62 (R7) 145.775 -0.600 FM 100.0 Hz
ED6YAH1 Randa JM19lm RU736 439.200 -7.600 FM + Echolink 88.5 Hz
ED6ZAA2 Sant Salvador JM19ok RU660 438.250 -7.600 DMR CC1
ED6ZAB1 Randa JM19lm RV60 (R6) 145.750 -0.600 C4FM
ED6ZAB1 Randa JM19lm RU736 439.200 -7.600 C4FM
ED6ZAB2 Randa JM19lm RU678 438.475 -7.600 DMR CC1
ED6ZAB Randa JM19lm RU676 438.450 -7.600 D-STAR
ED6ZAC Palma JM19hn RV50 (R1) 145.625 -0.600 D-STAR


Callsign Location Locator Channel Frequency (MHz) Offset (MHz) Mode Access
ED6YAD El Toro JM29bx RV48 (R0) 145.600 -0.600 FM No code

Eivissa i Formentera

Callsign Location Locator Channel Frequency (MHz) Offset (MHz) Mode Access
ED6YAE Sant Josep de sa Talaia JM08pv RV54 (R3) 145.675 -0.600 FM 173.8 Hz


Active beacons in Balearic Islands...



Frequency (MHz) Callsign Locator Mode Comments
28.235 ED6YAJ JM19iq CW 5W omni


Despite the emergence of digital positioning traffic in DMR, conventional APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) network is widely available especially in Mallorca and Eivissa.

A few, well located, digipeaters and several IGates are active in VHF. Following IARU Region 1 bandplan, all the APRS operation is carried out in 144.800 MHz.

You can take a look on the ongoing APRS activity in Balearic Islands at or APRSDirect.

  1. For ED6YAB and ED6YAH it is recommended to also activate CTCSS tone for reception to avoid disturbance caused by digital voice communications sharing the same channel. 

  2. ED6ZAA and ED6ZAB are linked together in BrandMeister DMR cluster "Mallorca". (Time slot 2, TG 8).